We have used TMR technology in my practice since 2004, after I first experienced the benefits of TMR as a patient myself.

TMR is a non-invasive treatment that uses pulsed electromagnetic energy to diminish pain, reduce inflammation and bruising, as well as accelerate post-surgical healing. We use TMR as part of the recovery process for all our surgical patients. Long-time patients, who have experienced post-surgical recovery before TMR was available, now marvel at the dramatic difference TMR makes in their recovery.

The initial TMR treatment is given to our patients immediately after surgery. Follow-up TMR treatments are then administered throughout the first week post-surgery. This use of the TMR minimizes and often eliminates the need for pain medication. It also accelerates the resolution of the swelling and bruising that can accompany surgery. This allows our patients to return to work and social activities far more rapidly than occurred in the past.