The resurgence of the “Mini-Facelift”

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The resurgence of the “Mini-Facelift”

The concept of a mini-facelift has been around Hollywood for many decades. Movie stars in the 1950’s and 1960’s were known to maintain their youthful appearance by an occasional “nip and tuck”. The problems of that era were the very temporary and very limited effect that could be obtained by the methods of the time. In recent years, much has changed in our understanding of the anatomy of the aging process and better instrumentation has been developed such that a mini-facelift is now a very effective procedure and can provide long-lasting results. As in all plastic surgical procedures, much depends on choosing the right candidate. Those individuals with moderate signs of aging- early jowl formation, laxity of the neck, loss of volume in the mid-face or cheeks- are good candidates. Those with more advanced signs of aging will not benefit from a mini-facelift but rather a more traditional “full” facelift.

Besides the less invasive nature and the limited incision of a mini-facelift, the recovery is abbreviated to a little over one week as contrasted with the 2-3 week recovery from more extensive procedures.

The saying among plastic surgeons in the past was, “mini-lift, mini-result”! That is no longer true. The mini-facelift has come of age and is a useful way of returning a youthful appearance to the right patient.

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