The rate at which cosmetic surgical procedures have advanced in the last twenty years leaves little doubt that what we do today will be nothing like what we do – and the results achieved – in the future. Some of these future advancements could include:

  • Intrauterine surgery to correct birth defects without scarring (cleft lip and palate).
  • Use of laser technology to tighten or shrink the skin with instantaneous results and without redness or prolonged recovery.
  • Alliance of plastic surgery with Anti-aging medicine:
    • Stem cell therapy
    • Human Growth Hormone
  • Better understanding of the healing process will lead to more control over the surgical scar.
  • Laboratory growth of cartilage culture to use in nasal surgery (obviates the need to harvest the cartilage from elsewhere on the body).
  • Laboratory growth of body segments such as ear cartilage framework to use in reconstruction following trauma or cancer surgery.