Before Surgery

I’ve had a terrible secret for four years. Not even my mother knows. I’m sixteen, and I’m deformed. My left breast began developing when I was twelve. At first I though it was weird that my right side wasn’t as big. But I figured that sometimes it happens this way. Was I wrong! My right breast never did. And the left was growing which made it harder and harder to hide. My only choice is to not shower after P.E. even though my friends now call my “pigpen”. Better to be called “pigpen” than “freak”.

Oh, and I’m a virgin. How can I ever have sex like this? I don’t have a boyfriend but I would like one. There’s one boy in my class who I really like but I act weird around him. I’m scared that he may ask me out.

It wasn’t until I saw Dr. Glassman on TV describing Poland’s Syndrome that I realized that I’m not alone. That’s when I told my Mom who was shocked. She was wonderful about it and called Dr. Glassman. We don’t have a lot of money so I’m really frightened that my Mom won’t be able to afford the surgery. In some way that’s even worse than thinking that there was nothing that could be done in the first place. I can only hope and pray. I pray a lot. I ask God to finish what he forgot to do.


I have something really special to give Dr. Glassman today – my junior prom picture — and I’m wearing a low cut dress! No more tissue paper in my bra. I’ve always loved my mom, even more now. I wish I had told her sooner. She’s really cool. So is Dr. Glassman. He wanted to help me so much that he made it affordable to Mom, otherwise, there was no way.

And…. I don’t act weird around “him” any more. He took me to the prom!