There are two ways that a patient can work with a plastic surgeon to improve their appearance: surgery or a non-invasive approach. Furthermore there are many instances in which both may be applied.

Non-invasive aesthetic medicine has two branches: injectables and energy based technologies.

  • The injectables are (1) dermal fillers to restore volume and diminish folds or lines and (2) Botox and Dysport to decrease wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Energy based technologies consist of light therapies, laser techniques, radiofrequency and magnetic resonance applications.

Each week we see patients who think they may be candidates for cosmetic surgery when in fact a non-invasive approach would be more appropriate. Conversely, there are those who come seeking a non-invasive solution when surgery would be a better alternative.

This versatility permits me to move seamlessly between our offices on Spalding Drive where our surgeries are performed and our medical spa on Canon Drive where the non-invasive methods are employed. Both are staffed with highly professional and experienced staff who are the very best at what they do.