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Cosmetic Medicine Alternatives

There are two ways that a patient can work with a plastic surgeon to improve their appearance: surgery or a non-invasive approach. Furthermore there are many instances in which both may be applied. Non-invasive aesthetic medicine has two branches: injectables and energy based technologies. The injectables are (1) dermal fillers to restore volume and diminish [...]

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BLOG Anesthesia for Plastic Surgery

Anesthesia for Plastic Surgery can be summarized in two words: Comfort and Safety. Let me address the issue of Safety first. There is only one standard for Safety during Anesthesia whether your surgery is being performed in a hospital or in a free- standing surgery center. In either place proper pre-operative evaluation, intra-operative monitoring and [...]

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The TMR™ Technology Difference

We have used TMR technology in my practice since 2004, after I first experienced the benefits of TMR as a patient myself. TMR is a non-invasive treatment that uses pulsed electromagnetic energy to diminish pain, reduce inflammation and bruising, as well as accelerate post-surgical healing. We use TMR as part of the recovery process for [...]

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The Public Display of Before & After Images

I have long been a critic of plastic surgeons showing “before and after” photographs to new or prospective patients. There are three reasons why I believe that this is a poor way in which to make such an important choice. Human nature: It is natural for the surgeon to only show the very best results [...]

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Cary Grant is Calling

Immediately after completing my plastic surgery residency at U.C.L.A., I opened my private offices in Beverly Hills. My close friends were very supportive and called often to see how I was doing. My friend, Elliot, had an amusing and annoying habit of identifying himself to the receptionist as a different celebrity every time he called. [...]

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Market Forces In Plastic Surgery

I usually arrive home at the end of the workday in time to catch the 6:00 P.M. local TV news. Interspersed between police chases, carjacking stories and drive-by shootings, there is all too often the obligatory cosmetic surgery story. Teased in sensational terms, I am encouraged to stay tuned for this remarkable new “breakthrough”- laser [...]

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Preventing Nausea and Vomiting After General Anesthesia

In a small minority of patients awakening and recovering from general anesthesia is marked by the unpleasantness of nausea and vomiting. We have noticed a correlation between those patients who experience such symptoms and those who are prone to motion sickness, i.e. sea sickness or car-sickness. Consequently, we have had great success in “pre-treating” those [...]

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Plastic Surgery Selection Process

An important part of the plastic surgery consultation is for the surgeon to determine why the patient wants to make a change in their appearance. Patients often fail to appreciate that while they are interviewing or screening the surgeon, so too is the surgeon screening the patient. Is this patient a good anatomic candidate? Can [...]

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